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Are your Southern Cross Member?

Are you a Southern Cross member but unsure if chiropractic care will be covered?

Depending on your policy (Download southern-cross-comparision_chart), Chiropractic care can be covered!  Southern Cross members are reimbursed for their appointments.

How is this done?

The process is easy and all done online; when you arrive for your chiropractic appointment, advise the chiropractor you’ll be using Southern Cross insurance.  Southern Cross allows their members to be reimbursed for chiropractic appointments; the process after the appointment is:

  • Payment in the practice will follow as usual with Eftpos, Cash or Bank Transfer
  • Once the payment has been complete, Chiromotion will email you an invoice for your appointment, (invoices will be emailed at the end of the day or invoices for the entire care plan can be invoiced once the care plan has been completed).
  • Members can login into their My Southern Cross accounts and make a claim by simply following the instructions and attaching the invoices.