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Newborns, Babies & Toddlers


A baby’s spine is very flexible and delicate, allowing childbirth to be easier. But the birthing process can be a very stressful for both the mother and baby.

Natural childbirth places a lot of stress on the baby’s nervous system which can possibly result in unusual crying, colic, and erratic sleeping habits.

The chiropractor looks for these areas of stress (nervous interferences) and applies a gentle pressure (the same amount of pressure is used when placing contact lenses into your eye) to correct these areas of stress.

First Visit and Assessment

Prior to meeting a chiropractor, you will be given some forms to complete, to evaluate your child’s health and any concerns you may have.

After the forms are complete, the chiropractor will ask you some question to get a further understanding of how and what is going on within your babies nervous system. 

After obtaining information on what is possibly happening, a physical examination is conducted.

Generally, the baby is placed on the chiropractic table or if mum wishes to hold him/her on her chest so that aspects like muscle balance, nerve tension and motion is checked as well a neurological test.

Due to the flexible and delicate nature of a new born’s spine, newborn adjustments involve a very light fingertip pressure. The amount of pressure used is the same as placing a contact lens on your eye or swiping to open your smartphone. 

Once the initial visit is completed, the chiropractor will book the following visit in which he will explain his finding and present a unique care plan suited for your babies individualize case.

Please allow 15 minutes for paperwork, and 40 minutes for the initial new patient examination.

Subsequent Visits

On the second visit, our assessment will be presented and explained by the chiropractor. He will also explain your child's care plan and the frequency of the visits required.

You should allow around 15 -20 mins for each subsequent visit.