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Chiropractic FAQs

Chiropractic is a natural approach to your health and well being. Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the brain and the body (Central Nervous System).

This system controls everything in your body, from your heart beat to grasping your fingers in order to drink your cup of coffee in the morning.  Millions of messages flow to and from your brain, down your spinal cord in order to maintain your organs, tissues and cells functioning daily.  

Throughout our daily life’s there are different types of stresses placed on our body which interfere with the communication of messages (Nervous Inference). As a chiropractor our emphasis is removing these nervous inferences so that your body can function at its best.

From the day we’re born, our bodies are constantly under stress (birth, school, work, relationships etc). These stressors place a lot of pressure on our bodies and nervous system.

Although our bodies are able to adapt around some of these stressors, the stress on our body get bigger and bigger as the days continue. Till we get to the point of symptoms (Headaches, Neck pain, back pain, sciatica, etc). These symptoms are your body’s way of saying "I’m not working right" and "I need some help" (warning signs).

The importance of chiropractic is reducing the “stress” or the pressure on the nervous system, by removing areas of nervous interference so your body is able to self adapt to your daily stressors.

Chiropractic focuses on the connection of brain and body. This system is the master control centre of your body, if there is miscommunication in this system; it lacks your body’s ability to function.

Just like your cell phone, you need reception in order to fully access your phones ability (messaging, calling, mobile data). If there is weak, or limited reception, what happens to your phone? It becomes limited in its function. Although your phone still works, you are not able to fully utilize all its function.

Your body works in a similar principle, if the connection between the brain and body isn’t at its best you are not able to fully express your potential. Chiropractic care helps by removing the nervous interference between your brain and body, so that you are able to function at your best.


No matter what stage of life you’re currently in. From new born babies to the elderly and everyone in-between - you should all be checked.

As we go through life there is always stress that is being placed on our bodies. It always benefits to get your spine and nervous system checked to make sure your body is functioning at its best

Absolutely! Having spinal checks are like having your car serviced, you shouldn’t wait till the check engine light appears to have your car serviced.

Why wait for symptoms or problems to arise before taking action. Take the first step and book yourself a spinal check.

Yes Definitely! The methods used to check and adjust babies are very different to checking and adjusting adults.

Due to the anatomy of babies, we use a gentle touch and hold technique. The same amount of pressure is used when placing contact lenses into your eye. We do recommend getting babies checked as soon as possible after birth, as birth can place pressure on the baby’s nervous systems.

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